Chemoprojekt a.s. is now a part of SAFICHEM PROJEKTY GROUP which is an association of industrial and commercial companies. Chemoprojekt, a.s. provides comprehensive services in the field of engineering, procurement, construction and management for the complete industrial projects. Chemoprojekt, a.s. employs about 80 persons.

Since 2010 the Nitrogen chemistry was gradually transferred to a specialized company CHEMOPROJECT NITROGEN  a.s. and refineries to TECHNOEXPORT, a.s..

The sole shareholder is SAFICHEM PROJEKTY GROUP AG.

Chemoprojekt, a.s. is a mayor shareholder in these companies:

Eco-Chem Research Agency s.r.o.

is the owner of the patent separator using technology USBF (Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration) and embodies the technological know-how associated with the use of this technology.

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Eco-Chem Water Systems a.s.

Eco-Chem Water Systems Inc. is a company that focuses on designing and supplying turnkey wastewater treatment plants.
It owns trademarks CITICLAR, OXICLAR, MINICLAR, MICROCLAR, AGROCLAR and SECLAR and the exclusive licensee of the Eco-Chem Research Agency Ltd.

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Energochem a.s.

The company Energochem Inc. It is a young, dynamic company. It builds on the experience and expertise of group companies. Services and activities of the company focus on the realization of higher supply in the sectors: power, gas, water.

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CH Projekt Plzeň s.r.o.

CH Project Plzeň Ltd. provides comprehensive design and consultancy services for preparation and implementation of construction and technological units.

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CHEMOPROJEKT CHEMICALS Company Ltd. is a subsidiary company since 1994 engaged in the engineering and design activities in capital construction advisory and brokerage activities in capital construction.