Project name
Scope of work

Documentation for planning permission proceesings, building permint documentation, DD, supervison
TPCA Kolin (Toyota, Peugeot, Citroen), Czech Republic
Water system including sewage treatment plant.

Ceska rafinerska, Czech Republic
Reconstruction of sampling places in refinery Litvinov.

Detail design for civil part and steel structures related with PP ISBL. EPC PP pellet silos storage facilities - civil, steel structures, electrical & instrumentation.
Linde / Slovnaft
New Polypropylene (PP) unit and Offsites.

EPC (including purchasing the technology from Future Energy, GmbH and supplying the combustion reactor.
Sokolovska uhelna, a.s.
Technology for liquid by product combustion is used for utilization liquid wastes produced during the coalgasification proccess.

DD, supervision
Koch-Glitsch/ Naftan Novopolock
Fractionation unit for Hydrocrack. Process licence: Koch-Glitsch.

DD, supervision
Unis/ Naftan Novopolock
Hydrogen unit, Process licence: Koch-Glitsch.