Project name
Scope of work

Turn-key (including erection)
Foster Wheeler, Czech Republic
Fire water distribution, portable and semi-stable fire extinguishing device.

Ceska Rafinerska, a.s. Czech Republic
Revamping of existing underground storage tanks and LPG store, construction of new VNR, LPG pump stations and loading of LPG into trucks (rail and road).

Design documentation fo building perming, detail design, supervision.
MCHZ Ostrava, Czech Republic
Intensification of aniline production from 75 kt/year up to 110 000 MTPY. Nitrobenzene production (Plinke). Revamping of: Nitrobenzene clarification unit, loading and unloading of storage tanks. Reconstruction of material and end product storage.

Detail design
Silon Plana a.s. Czech Republic
Relocation of two production lines for polyolefins to new building including revamping of second lines.