Project name
Scope of work

Design package, supervision.
Fosfa, Breclav- Postorna, Czech Republic
Filter press of dinatrium - hydrogen - phosphate suspension and filter press of neutralising calcium and phosphoric sludge. Capacity: 5 MTPH

Optimisation study.
Ceska rafinerska, a.s. Kralupy, Czech Republic
Capacity: 10 000 m3/hour.

Basic and Detail design, Supervision.
MILO, Olomouc, Czech Republic
Biological waster water treatment plant. Capacity: 15 MTPD

Basic and Detail design
Diamo, Straz pod Ralskem, Czech Republic
Decontamination of acidic underground waste water resulting from underground leaking of Uranium ores by means of reverse electrodialysis, evaporation and crystallisation. Capacity: 330 m3/hour of purified water.

Design package, environmental impact assessment, subcontractor tendering, start-up assistance,geologic and geodetic survey.
ŐMV Slovak Republic
Storage capacity: 4 000 m3, intake, storage and distribution of fuels on the west territory of Slovak Republic.

Design package, supervison.
Spolana, a.s., Czech Republic
Reconstruction of fuel tanking ramps, product addivation, Hydrocarbon vapours recovery - 120 m3/hour. Turnover of fuels: 170 000 m3/year.

General reconstruction, planning and building permit documentation, basic technological specifications, design basis processing, environmental impact assessment, EPS, accident monitoring system, gas leak detection.
Spolana, a.s., Czech Republic
Fraction ratio: LAO C16/C18 = 1/1. Capacity: app. 5000 MTPY

EP project (Detail Design)
Agropodnik a.s., Dobronín
Glycerine production 60% Capacity: 2 000 MTPY Technology: Agro

Fire hazard analysis in compliance with Czech fire codes.
Chemopetrol, Litvinov, a.s , Czech Republic
Petrochemistry objects - polyolefin section.