Project name
Scope of work

Highly desalinated water stream (180 m3/h), Recirculation feed stream (820 m3/h), Firefighting system feed (200 m3/h), Concentrate stream (60 m3/h), Storage facilities and logistics

Documentation for planning permission proceesings, building permint documentation, DD, supervison
TPCA Kolin (Toyota, Peugeot, Citroen), Czech Republic
Water system including sewage treatment plant.

Elaboration of BDEP, building permit documentation.
Ceska rafinerska, a.s. Litvínov, Czech Republic
Review of existing fire extinguishing system in Czech Republic, survey for a new pumping firewater station, new firewater distribution system, foam extinguishing system and construction of product tankfarm.

Turn-key (including erection)
Foster Wheeler, Czech Republic
Fire water distribution, portable and semi-stable fire extinguishing device.

Inspection of existing waste water handling system. test results elaborated in the as-built documentation.
Ceska rafinerska, a.s. Kralupy, Czech Republic
Inventarization of actual waste water handling system.

Consulting services
Ceska rafinerska, a.s. Kralupy, Czech Republic
Review of existing waste water management system.

CEZ a.s., Praha - Power station Chvaletice. Czech Republic
Waste water storage, desulphurization. Capacity: 2 x 350 m3

Feasibility study, Basic and Detail design (civil part), Supervision, Commissioning.
CSA - airport Ruzyne - North and South, Czech Republic
Rain and sewage water treatment. Capacity: 80+100 m3/ hour. Actual efficiency : 87 - 93 % (BSK5).

Optimisation study.
Ceska rafinerska, a.s. Kralupy, Czech Republic
Capacity: 10 000 m3/hour.

Basic and Detail design, Supervision.
MILO, Olomouc, Czech Republic
Biological waster water treatment plant. Capacity: 15 MTPD

Basic and Detail design
Diamo, Straz pod Ralskem, Czech Republic
Decontamination of acidic underground waste water resulting from underground leaking of Uranium ores by means of reverse electrodialysis, evaporation and crystallisation. Capacity: 330 m3/hour of purified water.