Water management

Chemoprojekt, a.s. provides the design and implementation of water treatment units and waste water purification units for various capacities and various demands for output water quality including the preparation of all steps of project documentation.
Scope of design and supplier activities:

  • Ensure projects as turnkey deliveries
  • Prepare project documentation (studies, documentation for the planning permission proceedings, documentation for the building permission award proceedings, documentation to execute the construction, documentation of actual execution)
  • Prepare the operating manual, the complex testing manual and the guarantee test manual
  • Training of personnel
  • Author’s supervision and supervision of the construction
  • Testing and commissioning including the guarantee test


We design industrial waste water treatment plants and sewage water treatment plants that comply with treated water parameters given by emission and air pollutant limits. The treatment technology includes various types of contamination for various capacities, implemented as a new project or as reconstruction of an existing waste water treatment plant (WWTP).

Basic classification:
Industrial WWTPs

Sewage WWTPs (municipal)

Domestic WWTPs
Standard WWTP series (suitable for rather small and medium sized communities)
WWTPs for municipalities

We design ground and surface water treatment plants to obtain the required quality for various purposes of use.