Project name
Scope of work

EPC project
Chemopetrol, a.s., Czech Republic
New high-capacity storage equipment for granulated PE and PP inclusive of expedition section. Total storage capacity: 9 000 t (3 600 t in silos)

Extended basic design, detail design, procurement, delivery, erection, commissioning, start-up.
Linde (GER)/ Chemopetrol, a.s., (CZE)
Activation of Silica (Polyolefin catalyst carrier). Capacity: 500 kg/ d (two process units; 250 kg/day each).

EPC project
Ceska rafinerska, Czech Republic
Extension and renovation of asphalts loading to trucks.

Ceska rafinerska, Czech Republic
Asphalts tankfarm reconstruction - pumping station and piping distribution system.

Detail design documentation of Hydrotreater and Benfree units. Engineered to ANSI standard and designed with the aid of Intergraph PDS 3D modelling software
Technip / Motor Oil Hellas
Benzene removal from diesel fuel by hydrogenation with 400 000 MTPY processing capacity

BD, DD-piping section, supervision, start-up.
Koch-Glitch Brno, Czech Republic
Reconstruction and intenzification of production.