Project name
Scope of work

Technical and commercial study
Duslo Šala, Slovak Republic
Aniline plant - Aniline unit, Nitrobenzene unit, Hydrogen unit, raw material unloading, product loading, tank farm

Turn-key project (including auxilliaries)
MEROCO, a.s., Slovakia
Physical deacidification of degummed oil. Sunflower oil dewaxing unit. Three - stage continual estherification of neutralised oil into methyl ester. Capacity: 100 000 MTPY. Technology: Desmet Ballestra

Detail design for civil part and steel structures related with PP ISBL. EPC PP pellet silos storage facilities - civil, steel structures, electrical & instrumentation.
Linde / Slovnaft
New Polypropylene (PP) unit and Offsites.

Design package, environmental impact assessment, subcontractor tendering, start-up assistance,geologic and geodetic survey.
ŐMV Slovak Republic
Storage capacity: 4 000 m3, intake, storage and distribution of fuels on the west territory of Slovak Republic.