Project name
Scope of work

Design package, supervision.
Fosfa, Breclav- Postorna, Czech Republic
Filter press of dinatrium - hydrogen - phosphate suspension and filter press of neutralising calcium and phosphoric sludge. Capacity: 5 MTPH

Site development plan for building permit, detail design, supervision.
Velvana, a.s., Czech Republic
Unloading of glycol from car-tanks, transferring into 3 tanks (capacity of each: 498 m3) and further transport to production line.

Study + environmental impact assessment for implementation of technology. basic construction specifications, mechanical and technology layout, electro part.
Aga Gas, Praha, Czech Republic
Capacity: 1000 MTPY

Detail design
Lebanon Chemical, Lebanon
Capacity: 1500 MTPD.

Design documentation for building permit, detail design, supervision, environmental impact assessment.
Synthesia, a.s., Czech Republic
Batch production of gama-butyrobetaine including material and end product storage. End product is used in production of Carnitin.